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Is this thing on?

Website up and running, first blog entry posted, social media still iffy.

Regardless, I feel this is a big step forward in my little project. At the same, time it's very intimidating.

I admit I charged into this without full understanding of the difficulties ahead, and each little stumbling block has felt like an impenetrable wall that not only impeded progress, but threatened to crumble down and bury me.

I started Phase12 Studios to create a game that I wanted to play. I knew next to nothing about actually making a game, so naturally I figured it'd be easy. Cause I'm awesome. At being dumb. Anyway I was determined to make my game a reality so I knuckled down and agonized through the tedious planning and relentless organizing, making the tough decisions and... okay, okay, I assembled a team to do it for me.

Mostly what I needed were art/animation and sound/music. Sure, there are free options out there but I wanted them to be unique. It's possible I could have done it myself, but I wanted good art and music. Clearly not my forte.

I have some coding experience but unlike the art/music, it's something I actually understand and can do. Yet I ended up finding someone with more knowledge and experience to help with that as well. Although he's definitely provided tons of help, I've still been self-learning on the side and there were times I stepped in to script some of the game mechanics myself. Eventually I'd love to get to the point where I'm heading the code. After all, it's rather difficult to get all the small details the way you want them when you're explaining them to someone else.

Thus far I've been funding the project myself while working a normal job, but it's not sustainable in the long run. I set a budget with which I intend to complete a playable demo and then bring this game to crowdfunding. Hopefully others will be intrigued enough to help finish the game!

Hmm? What's the game about? Oh. Yeah, I haven't said anything about that yet, have I? Uh, well, There Be Dragons in it. Find out next post!

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