It's not uncommon for a game to offer you a violent/pacifist route these days. Combat mechanics are pretty standard in games but nonviolent routes often run contrary to your in-game actions. Have you ever been bothered by this gameplay and story dissonance?


You go off to defeat evil, so then you beat people up.

You try to help or save someone, so then you beat people up.

You choose a violent dialogue option, so then you beat people up.

You reload and choose the peaceful option, so then you beat people up.


But so long as you pick that nice little option in a dialogue tree that says you don't kill them, this somehow puts you on the 'pacifist' route. I don't think that means what those games think it means. 


It was with this in mind that we ventured forth to create a game where the pacifist route actually meant not beating people up.

Consider your actions and face the consequences.



your enemies?

What do you do when a creature appears onscreen? You kill it, right? What it is and why it's there don't matter. That's just standard video game logic.

In There Be Dragons, violence is often the easier way to deal with creatures in your path and you're certainly welcome to it. But in doing so you may find that the way forward has gotten much more complex.


adorable creatures.

Just because you're roughing it alone doesn't mean there's no one else out there. Meet a new friend. Smack a monster in the face (please don't smack a monster in the face). Observe and learn a thing or two from the wildlife.


the mysteries of this world.

The road ahead is rarely straightforward. Explore your environment, find secret paths, and collect hidden items. As you learn more abilities, you'll be able to delve deeper into uncharted territory.

Concept Art

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Yes, you may.
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Smug snake
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Adorable puffball
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Adventuring historian
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Yes, you may.
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Smug snake
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Adorable puffball
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Adventuring historian
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Playable Demo

Yes, yes, I suppose you may peruse one of my older records. That's what I'm here for, after all. But be sure to wash your hands first. And handle it carefully; don't fold the parchment. And remember where you found it so you can file it properly when you're finished. You wouldn't want to ruin history, would you? Why, back in my day...

This is an early prototype build of the game. Keep in mind this is far from a finished product and many things are not yet working properly.

Note that this was created to run on a Windows OS.


  • Click on the Download scroll.

  • Extract the zip file and run TBD_Demo.exe

  • The game should work with most gamepads.

  • Press Esc in-game to quit.


Constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact us here.



When will the game be released?

There Be Dragons is still very early in development. Due to lack of funding, a completed game would depend entirely on the free time of those working on it.

What platforms will the game be available on?

There Be Dragons will be released on Steam, with possible ports to consoles depending on time, availability, and funding. There are no plans for mobile.

Can I help make There Be Dragons?

If you are willing and able, we would gladly accept the help. The main areas we require below.

  • An artist/animator familiar with sprite animation. Preferably one whose style compliments the cute anime aesthetic we currently have.

  • A sound designer who can create the varied sound effects for the game.

  • A composer who can craft the music for the game. Preferably someone familiar with Asian musical instruments and corresponding style to fit the semi-Asian inspired fantasy world the game is set in.

  • If you are capable and interested in working with us to start and manage a crowdfunding campaign, we would greatly appreciate it.

  • If you have other skills and believe you can help make this game a reality, please contact us and ask.

  • We would also appreciate any constructive feedback on the game itself. You can download an alpha demo build above.

Please contact us here to discuss details.